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Tax Services for Nonprofit Organizations

990 Experts.
Without the Huge Fees.

Experience hassle-free tax management and gain access to expert strategic guidance throughout the year.

Included with every return.

Video Walkthrough

All return packages include a prerecorded video walkthrough from your tax advisor, with a simple explanation of your returns.

990 Experts

Our IRS-licensed Enrolled Agents (EAs) have decades of specialized experience with tax reporting for nonprofit organizations.

IRS Monitoring

We'll monitor your account at the IRS for any unexpected changes. We're also here for assistance with any unlikely notices or letters.

100% Virtual

You get 24/7 access to our secure client portal to communicate with your tax advisor and access tax documents at any time.

Fully transparent pricing.
No surprises here.

Starting at $595

Financial Umbrella provides discounted services to nonprofit organizations filing IRS Form 990 series tax returns and their state equivalents.

For nonprofit organizations who file:
IRS Form 990 and all applicable schedules
IRS Form 990-EZ and all applicable schedules
IRS Form 990-N postcard
State Form 990-equivilient tax returns and registration & renewal forms
Sales tax exemption renewals (additional fees)
Nonprofit formation and IRS Form 1023 submission (additional fees)
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Our answers to your questions.

How do I send you my tax documents?

We use a secure client portal to share information. We will communicate with you in this online portal, and you will also be able to upload your tax documents here. The secure portal also includes a messaging system that allows you to communicate with your tax advisor in real-time. You can even use our secure portal on your mobile device (download on Apple or Android devices).

What happens after I upload my tax documents?

Once all your tax documents are uploaded, your tax advisor will get to work preparing your tax returns. We strive to have your tax returns ready for your review within 10 business days after we receive ALL documents. Your tax advisor may ask clarifying questions before he/she is able to finalize your tax returns, so the speed of preparation directly depends on the speed of your responses back to your tax advisor as well.

How do I know what documents I need for my taxes?

Our secure portal is designed to take you through a step-by-step process that gathers each piece of information and documentation we need to prepare accurate tax returns on your behalf. We will take it one step at a time! At a bare minimum, all tax returns will always require your full name, mailing address, taxpayer identification number, telephone number, email address, date of birth, copy of a valid photo ID, and any income documents you've received.

If Financial Umbrella doesn't do my bookkeeping, can I still get my business taxes done?

Absolutely! We'll generally want to take a look at the year's books to make sure they meet our standards, but many of our tax clients don't have their business bookkeeping with Financial Umbrella.

Can Financial Umbrella handle multiple years of tax filings?

Absolutely! The pricing reflected on our tax services page only reflects one year of filings, but simply contact us to get a quote for multiple years of filings.

How do my state and local tax returns work?

One state and one local tax return are included in all of our tax return packages - whether you are an individual taxpayer, a business, or a nonprofit organization. We also help many clients that have multi-state filing obligations, such as when you work in one state and live in a different state. If you need to file in more than one state or locality, just contact us.

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